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AD - Is your cat or dog acting up or mis-behaving? Urine, Biting, Fighting, Worse? We help get to the source of the problem by finding out why and help make changes to correct issues.



Professional Photo Image Restoration and Enhancements, Sarasota, Florida, USA

Restoring damaged and old photos is an art within itself, and with improved digital tools such as Photoshop CS5 and other more specialized digital filtering, I can provide incredible and previously though impossible results that you just have to see to believe. You won't believe the prices we can provide these services for now. From restoring corroded images to hand painting and colorizing black and white images, we provide full service restoration for any size image of any type. We can bring your treasures back to life, whether digital or hard copy and store them forever in digital format for protection forever. We also offer printing at higher resolution than most photo printing houses.

Restore damaged and aged photos back into original condition for permanent archival storage. Professional artist using digital techniques can bring back missing and damage details of treasured photos and enhance details you thought were lost forever. Anywhere in the USA


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