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Professional Photography of Thom Williams, DigArtz, Durham, NC & Sarasota, FL - USA, Exotic & Classic Car, Portraits

Located in Sarasota Florida, we cover the Bay Area with a unique perspective on portraits, utilizing the
camera eye in a different way than most photographers. Good photographers capture the right light;
get perfect composition at the right moment. Great photographers can travel through a scene truly
invisible to all the subjects making them feel totally natural and at ease. This is my art when it comes
to photography for both man and animals. Whether it's a nature scene, a special event or simply a
portrait, making my subject feel at ease is an art within the art.

Aerial / Real Estate
Beach / Landscape
Class / Senior
Exotic & Classic Car
Product / Catalog
Pets, Animal and Wildlife


AD - We help with pet loss grief support - we know because we are pet parents too


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Thom Williams, Sarasota Florida photographer, with a unique perspective on Exotic &
Classic Car and portraits, utilizing the camera eye in a different way than most.
Good photographers capture the right light; get perfect composition at the right moment...



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