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My works in sound and for creating music, offer a realistic sense of my soul, a communion with nature and a venture into the pure depths of vibrations of emotion in every living moment. Ultimately my goal is to reach my listeners on a personal level, whether recalling a recent emotional event or some historic moment in their lives that we both share on some level. In song writing/recording/performing the ability to keep making that deep emotional connection similar to the moment when the music is first created, and explore new avenues of thought and feeling which have not yet been traveled until touched by sounds of expression, are some of the most challenging and rewarding moments.

As a rock/jazz Improvisationalist, there is nothing I enjoy more than starting a groove with other talented musicians and just hanging on to that thread of creation, weaving patterns of new life, and then letting it go off unto the blue. Sometimes these creations come back to visit us again in another session, sometimes they're gone forever – but with improv it's always magical. It's the purest essence of music creation that can be shared between artists and listeners




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