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Thom Williams Digartz - Composer, Multi-Instrumental Perfromer

Playing in numerous local pub bands, mixing pro sound and devolving unique light shows at age 13, Thom (aka DigArtz) was also composing original works into early multi-track equipment. Thom recalls a telephone conference with the legendary Wolfman Jack concerning one of his first solo demos, who offered a great deal of advice. He earned a recording engineer degree by age 16 from Appalachia Sound Studios.

Thom survived the 80's music scene with the success of several pub bands like Ulterior Motives in the DC Metro area. He was one of the first artist to jump into the Indie movement with Roxvision Productions after moving to Florida. Thom created and oversaw every aspect of a debut solo release Thomie Rox, with unheard of sales for a self distributed indie label release. He continued the momentum by self producing a music video "Who Murdered Cupid" that co-starred famed British child star Julian Sedgwick. The video played on the early years of the MTV Basement Tapes.

Thom continued studio work, composing and very quickly brought computers into the mix, which then led to early versions of music videos. He began recording midi compositions around the same time, and was one of the few musicians to use a live playing




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