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AD - Reiki for Animals can help induce relation to a sressed pets. Distance healing, easy to schedule, amazing testimonials, all in the comfort of your home


Healing Arts -

Animal Communication & Reiki for Animlas by Thom

Animal Communication & Reiki, learn your pets needs, heal & resolve problems naturally.
Help w/ behavior modification, explain changes in family & household, help finding lost pets.
Email & phone sessions available in USA, anywhere in world.


For many of us, the healing arts is a journey along a spiritual path,
a transformational process, a way of living. Creating healing frees the body's
own healing mechanisms and the soul to heal, a unity of the body, mind, and spirit.

You will find many intuitive healers are very creative, right brain
thinking people, and that is no different with me. It has been a way of life, my entire life.

Animals have always given me the greatest joy and freedom in my life, so
I grateful and proud to be able give healing back to them.


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