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Vote for us (and all yor favorite Sarasota area pet services in Naural Awakenings Natural Choice Awards. Add "Animal Healings" in the "Favorite Animal Healer - non-veterinary" selection box

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A very dedicated man named "Bert" who's life totally revolved
around helping cats in need, recently passed away very suddenly
in the Sarasota area. After giving so much of his life to helping
others cats, his three beautiful orange tabbies are now in need
of a loving home. I can personally testify to just how wonderful
these three cats, two males and one female (all fixed) really are.
They'll love you head to toe more than three times. They are smart,
caring an full of funny senses of humor, and all three care about
each other so much. They need to be kept together in the same
home. I have great photos available and info available. Please help.

NEW fine art collection coming online soon. If you are a gallery
owner and are looking for a fresh and innovative collection to
display, please email me for details!

NEW songs are in the mastering process right now! Its some of
the craziest tunes I have ever written and performed. I'm looking
forward to having a fresh release really "out there"

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AD - We help with pet loss grief support - we know because we are pet parents too



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