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AD - Is your cat, bird or dog acting up or mis-behaving? Urine, Biting, Fighting, Worse? We help get to the source of the problem by finding out why and help make changes to correct issues.


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About Us

Located in Sarasota, Florida,Thom Williams has been Reiki for animals healer over
15 years and is also a professional animal communicator, visit his site for more info.

Thom has lived on all four corners of the USA.
He is also a professional artist, photographer, a composing and recording
musician and a writer actively writing two screen plays.

About this web design:
A completely original design in Photoshop and output using CSS. Utilizing
over 200 photographs I have taken over the last few years which have
been optimized to download extremely fast. The entire web site (including the
two photography portfolios) are packaged for a total of 12 megs or less.


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