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AD - We help with pet loss grief support - we know because we are pet parents too


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About Thom

Thom has been a Reiki healer for over 15 years, at level two he specializes in healing pets and animals of all species. Like most of us he was able to communicate with animals as a child. When the rest of us simply turned off that ability as we grow up, Thom was able to hold on to those very special skills during his artistic development, while raising, caring and learning about cats and dogs. A little over 15 years ago Thom was given the gift of Reiki healing when one of his animal companion/pets was passing away with cancer. This happened to be a breakthrough for his communication abilities as the Reiki developed clear communication channels for him with just about all species, particularly wild life, which he was studying photographically in his artistic career at the time. Thom then Jonquil (who would become his wife) and had similar interests and needs for Reiki healing skills. As they began to work closely with Big Cats at various sanctuaries and facilities, Thom soon gained a few clients that had professional Big Cat acts and was able to work and study closely with leopards, panthers, lions, tigers and even a few bears. They eventually married with a lion and a tiger behind them.

Thom has studied Animal Communication under Teresa Wagner, internationally recognized as one of the finest teachers and communicators in the field. Thom is now accepting clients of any species from anywhere in the country for phone sessions.


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